Delta Eta Chapter at Colorado State University

Alpha Tau Omega

Our Recruitment

  • How does IFC recruitment work? : Formal Recruitment for IFC occurs the first week of the fall semester, and the third week of the spring semester. However Delta Eta is recruiting at all time, so reach out to the recruitment chair if interested.
  • How long is pledgeship? : Our New Member Education program is a semester-long process. We initiate new members at the beginning of the new semester, which is every January and August.
  • Do you haze? : Absolutely not. Our brotherhood is built on mutual respect. We believe that hazing prevents building unity as opposed encouraging it. Our pledge program is focused on making you a better person by giving you the skill sets necessary to succeed in life and in college. As a result, Alpha Tau Omega is strictly a non-hazing fraternity.
  • What is ATΩ known for? : We are first and foremost America's Leadership Development Fraternity. We want to make a better leader out of you. We want you to be involved in something that you are passionate about. Leadership experience is not always something you can earn in the classroom.
  • I heard ATΩ is a Christian fraternity. : Alpha Tau Omega is the first fraternity based on Christian values. Although our ritual and values are based on Christian principles we are not a "Christian" fraternity. We welcome men of all faiths or none at all.
  • Do I have to live in the house? : Delta Eta currently doesn't have a house. This is one of the reasons we have the lowest dues on campus.
  • Do I have to attend Chapter? : Yes, Chapter meetings are vital to the success of our chapter. Not only are they important for conducting chapter business, but they give us an excuse to meet all together in fellowship at least once a week.
  • Will ATΩ get in the way of my academics? : One of the goals of our fraternity is to in fact enhance academic success. The purpose of a fraternity is to enrich your college experience and prepare you for your professional life. We have many programs in place to ensure that you succeed in class. Not to mention, our chapter GPA was a 3.31.
  • Will I be required to do community service? : Yes, we require all of our members to do at least 15 hours of community service each semester. That sounds like a lot, but we provide several opportunities throughout the semester and we allow you to earn those hours giving back how you want to. It doesn't matter if you are a Freshman or a Senior. Community service and philanthropy are extremely important aspects of life at ATΩ.