Delta Eta Chapter at Colorado State University

Alpha Tau Omega

Our Chapter

The Colorado State University chapter of the Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity is a Brotherhood of men who value personal and leadership development while supporting each other and the community with Love and Respect.

Chartered by CSU in 1920, the Delta Eta chapter has almost a century of history on campus with no intentions of leaving. The chapter has seen immense change throughout its time; rechartered in 2006, the chapter has grown from 5 men to 90 with its biggest growth happening in the 2016-2017 school year. Currently the chapter has around 30 members with plans to grow the chapter in the upcoming years.

Alpha Tau Omega gives members a taste of a small fraternity while still remaining physically large. With a foundation group that stayed small for many years, members understand how to make a big chapter seem little. Even with a size of almost one hundred men, every brother can still share a memory or funny story of everyone in the chapter. Every member goes out of their way to be the best brother that they can be. Weekly brotherhoods, Intermutal Sports teams, philanthropy events and leadership positions will allow potential new members to find friends that will last them their whole life.