Delta Eta Chapter at Colorado State University

Alpha Tau Omega


The Colorado State University chapter of the Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity is a Brotherhood of men who value personal and leadership development while supporting each other and the community with Love and Respect.

But what is brotherhood? Unfortunately, in our opinion there’s no all-encompassing definition of Brotherhood. Words cannot describe the true depth of what it means to have brothers who would do anything for you. Or what it means to care so deeply and strongly about an organization and its well-being. We have a saying: “On the outside, you can’t understand it. On the inside, you can’t explain it.”

Brotherhood is being there for your brothers no matter the situation. Friends come and go, acquaintances come and go, but as I believe, Brothers are those who are there for you not only for your best times; they are also the first ones there for you during your worst times. Delta Eta helps form these brotherly bonds by having various events such as camping or golfing.