Delta Eta Chapter at Colorado State University

Alpha Tau Omega

Personal Development

Alpha Tau Omega has multiple programs which can help develop an individual's leadership skills and personal development. Some of those programs are:

  • Valiant : Valiant Leadership Training program is unique and specific to ATO, guiding nearly 100 young brothers through values-based curriculum on how to lead with integrity. This intense programming places strong emphasis on basic components of effective leadership, communication, ethics, goal setting, and teamwork.
  • Altitude : Altitude is a rigorous leadership program designed to challenge ATO brothers physically, mentally, and emotionally. The six-day adventure is spent backpacking the wilderness of the Rocky Mountains with the goal of peaking a 14,000 foot summit.
  • Encounter : Encounter is a three-day retreat designed to allow brothers to explore or deepen their spiritual identity. Through the retreat, brothers will encounter God’s grace through the story of the Prodigal son and focus on Glazebrook’s belief that unconditional love as exemplified by Jesus is a powerful and regenerating dynamic.
  • Men of Destiny : The one-and-a-half day program focuses on helping men identify the strengths that personally motivate and how those strengths overlap with their desire to engage and support others in their family, community, or world. Someone’s destiny evolves and comes into sharper focus throughout life.
  • President's Retreat : The Alpha Tau Omega Presidents Retreat is held every January and provides incoming chapter officers the opportunity to learn what it takes to be an effective chapter leader.
  • LeaderShape : The LeaderShape Institute provides participants the opportunity to develop their values-based leadership skills. Developed and implemented by ATO, attendees spend a week in a retreat setting, with small groups called family clusters. Here they learn team building, goal-setting, and collaboration skills.